Good news in the news

It seems there’s mostly bad news for us most of the time; but there is actually some good news in the news:

Khmer Rouge tribunal approved Cambodia is planning a “UN-backed tribunal to put leaders of the murderous Khmer Rouge regime on trial.” I’ve always thought that Pol Pot is the greatest evil, the greatest enemy in world history. He was a Maoist who wanted to murder all right-wing intellectuals who wore glasses. So many of us here would fall into that category.

ETA leaders arrested The ETA in Spain was founded in the 1960’s in opposition to Franco. It is also listed as a terrorist organization by both the EU and the U.S. It is responsible for the murder of 810 persons since its founding.

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  1. Here’s good news mixed with very bad (but not unexpected) news
    First, the good news: Ohioans are patiently but resolutely taking those steps permitted them under our system for protecting themselves from homosexual “marriage” fanatics:

    “An Ohio appeals court on September 20 thwarted an attempt to throw out petitions that will put a proposed state constitutional amendment protecting marriage on the November 2 ballot. The favorable decision comes on the heels of a landslide victory for a similar amendment in Louisiana, which passed Saturday by 78 percent. ‘The people of Ohio will be heard at the polls,’ said [attorney] David Langdon […] who has been defending the validity of the petitions signed by voters in Ohio. ‘As in other states, proponents of homosexual “marriage” know that the issue loses whenever a state puts it before the voters.’ “

    More good news: a list of states which have fought back or are in the process of so doing:

    “Louisiana [in adopting a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex ‘marriage’ joined] Missouri, where voters approved a similar amendment by a 70 percent majority Aug. 3, and four other states that had previously adopted constitutional marriage bans: Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska and Nevada. Voters in eleven more states likely will decide on similar amendments when they go to the polls Nov. 2: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon and Utah. Same-sex marriage supporters concede it is likely they will face defeat in each of these states on Election Day, and instead are suing in several states to try to remove the amendment from the ballot.”

    Now for the bad (but not unexpected) news: a judge has stricken down the Louisiana constitutional amendment banning homosexual “marriage,” which was passed in a public referendum recently by the incredible margin of 4 to 1:

    “By Associated Press
    “Tuesday, October 5, 2004

    “BATON ROUGE, La. – A state judge Tuesday threw out a Louisiana constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, less than three weeks after it was overwhelmingly approved by the voters. District Judge William Morvant said the amendment was flawed as drawn up by the Legislature because it had more than one purpose: banning not only gay marriage but also civil unions. […] Some 78 percent of those voting favored the amendment. […] A gay rights group challenged the amendment on several grounds, arguing among other things that combining the question of gay marriage and the issue of civil unions in one ballot question violated state law.”

    “If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.

    • Just to clarify my post above: what I meant by “not unexpected”
      I’ll just mention that in putting “not unexpected” in my earlier comment (today, 12:49am) I didn’t mean there was anything wrong with the referendum itself or its outcome such that it was expected the outcome would be stricken down by a judge. There wasn’t. Not at all. I meant simply that we’ve all come to expect this heartbreaking leftist tactic to be used to frustrate the people’s will, where the left deems the people’s will illegitimate.

      But they’re fighting a rear-guard action. On homosexual “marriage” at least, our side—the side of normalness—is winning, bit by bit. See in one of the items I posted above how the homosexualists readily admit that whenever homosexual “marriage” is put to a popular vote it loses. They are forced to try to impose it by invalidating the holding of referendums on it in the first place, by challenging the validity of signatures on referendum petitions, by getting morally corrupt leftist judges to strike referendum results down on trivial technicalites or without even that fig leaf but just on naked judicial fiat, and so on.

      These are tactics of a losing side, not a winning side.

      “If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.

  2. cambodia genocide and Jesuschrist
    Duch,the man in charge from S-21 concentration camp in camodia,was converted to Gospel and tell to the world all the truth about genocide in that country,german researcher rainer eppelman-a lutheran priest- and stèphan de courtois author from black book of communism,says atrocities there was even worse than holocaust!,and considers pol pot was a punishment from God overa country that refused in cruel ways evangelism(world operation book by patrick johnston),nowadays king noroddom ranarid-a supporter from sexual tourism and paedophilia-,is tyrant in that land,entirely possesed by demons because satanics hinduism and buddhism are majority religions there.

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