Big brother is watching you

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Now I’ve seen proposals to place similar devices in the elderly (for their safety of course) and in convicted criminal offenders released on parole or probation (for our safety of course)
Add in the totalitarian tendencies of liberalism and George Orwell’s vision starts to look positively libertarian.

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  1. FDA approves computer chip for humans
    See here.

    For a decade or so now, end-of-the-world-obsessed evangelicals (dispensationalists) have been warning that microchip implants in human would be coming, a fulfillment of the passage Revelations 13:11-18. And now, such is possible…

      • If the left abuse us once, shame on them; but twice, shame on us
        Replying to Will S., 5:50am: Yes it can happen, and all decent people had better be afraid. I almost wrote “all decent people whether on the left or right had better be afraid.” But those on the left don’t see it that way. The left doesn’t view things in a spirit of exchange of ideas, because it knows it can’t win where there’s a free exchange of ideas. So it must coerce and suppress and this it will not hesitate to do whenever and wherever it gains power: the left simply will not brook rivals. Better believe it. What’s more, so-called “hate crimes,” contrary to our country’s most fundamental bedrock principles and spirit, are a device cooked up by the totalitarian left for no other purpose than muzzling political and social points of view, keeping them from being expressed and even making people fear to hold them privately or think them in their own minds. When you read or hear news reports of a “hate crime,” think of the word “crime” by itself without the “hate” part, and try to perceive dispassionately exactly what crime was actually committed. You’ll understand that the addition of the “hate” portion of the criminal charge amounts to pure totalitarian thought-control. How could our jurists, legislators, and law-school professors support this? They could support it because principle generally is no match for personal or organized group naked self-interest. You see this more and more on the eye-opening journey through life as that high, pure, perfect idealism of your college youth gradually falls away like scales from your eyes: against one man striving to do right according to disinterested principle will generally be ranged thousands and millions, instead of the other way around.

        And the quicker we get hip to the situation—the quicker the scales fall from our eyes, if fall they must—the better.


        “If a tree falls and an expert doesn’t hear it, is there a sound?” Yes, the sweetest, most melodious sound in all creation: the sound of entropy being brought clanking, screeching, grinding to a halt.

        • Wow.
          I guess I’d always figured that unlike other Western countries, the U.S.’ being founded on the ideal of freedom, and the traditional American cherishing of their freedoms, would make America more resistant to the sorts of trends going on in other countries – “hate crimes” legislation, etc., esp. as regards impinging on free expression of Christianity. Sadly, I see I’m wrong…

          In light of the spread of the various surveillance technologies discussed in other posts in this forum, we had really better take a long sober look at the situation we’re finding ourselves in. Freedom is diminishing greatly, and a surveillance society is being set up, piecemeal, to be sure, but is being erected nonetheless. (Of course, the rhetoric of freedom and liberty is still tossed around by politicians, and the masses seem to foolishly lap it up, without realizing the lie…)

          How much longer will the Internet stay as it is? In countries like China, the government forces service providers to black out content they don’t like…

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