Slow posting

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. I’ve been busy editing things I’ve already posted and organizing them into online “books” in hopes of making them more useful. I hope to return to posting shortly. In the meantime readers might want to look at some of the golden oldies, for example The meaning of official nihilism and Is America becoming totalitarian, or enter their own items in the forum.

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  1. Just want to mention here, if I might, an ally of Turnabout’s…
    Australian Mark Richardson just keeps coming out with one gem after another in his new blog. Young women—especially those who sense all’s still not quite right for them in today’s “liberated” world, to say the least—should check out the two latest entries from this gentle, soft-spoken yet powerful, brilliant, riveting thinker with an unerring moral sense and a knack for cutting right to the heart of the matter in very few, very simple words:

    “Too Much Grooming?,” ;

    “Morally Unprotected,” .


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