More sidelights on our progressive age

Landmarks on the road to a glorious future:

  • Free to be you and me: in England a man who served seven years for attempted murder after he laced his wife’s gin and tonic with deadly nightshade, and then tried to cover his tracks by spiking drinks in a Safeway supermarket, has been hired as an university ethics lecturer.
  • Luckily, on this side of the Atlantic we reject the idea that “anything goes.” The University of Manitoba, for example, just flunked out a med student in his final year because he wouldn’t have anything to do with abortion, thereby showing the real meaning of “choice,” while down in Augusta, Georgia, the Irish-American Heritage Society has demonstrated the real meaning of “diversity” by banning crosses from the Saint Patrick’s Day parade, on the grounds that display of religious symbols as part of a festival in honor of the saint, bishop and missionary would be too controversial.

In the meantime, some comments from nay-sayers:

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