Let boys be boys

The notion that there really are differences between the sexes worth taking into account for reasons other than their more effective eradication seems to be creeping back into respectable discourse. The most recent example: a USA Today article confirming what I think most American men remember from childhood, the bias against boys in female-dominated elementary schools. The particular topic of the article is the much higher rate at which boys are identified as problem readers, a tendency apparently induced by greater feminine ease dealing with girls rather than a higher incidence among boys of actual reading problems.

The sexes are different, and often do better in different settings. Wouldn’t more extensive use of same-sex schools be a helpful step forward?

3 thoughts on “Let boys be boys”

  1. You would then have deprived
    You would then have deprived me of my meditations on the the beautiful curve of that young girl’s legs; the contrast between her white anklet socks, and the soft downy hairs on her tan calves.

    O how I mooned over her sweetness, purity, and loveliness in the 5th grade.

    It was not sexual, but it had adoration in it. Oh, my.

  2. I must agree with Mr.
    I must agree with Mr. Butterworth. I stuck myself in an all-male high school, although it was the norm for Catholics in my city and I did get the opportunity to excel in sports.


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