Science refutes technocracy

A summary of recent research, Hardwired to Connect, shows that even if you put all this stuff about traditional morality and spiritual values to one side, and just look at biochemistry, children still need something very like the authority of family and local religious institutions. It’s useful to keep these things in your back pocket to serve as a rejoinder to the common assertion that if you think the total rationalization of human life on advanced liberal lines is a bad idea it just proves you’re ignorant of science, or research, or something.

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  1. “Hardwired to Connect” is a
    “Hardwired to Connect” is a good report. Notice the twist that the “The Motherhood Project, Institute for American Values” (same organization that the Web site is for) put on it, though.

    “Gather Round the Children: A Response to Hardwired to Connect”
    by the Mothers’ Council

    Tom’s most recent debate with fathers’ rights advocates, “”MND Roundtable on Fathers’ Rights and the Marriage Movement” can be seen at

    The end of his “round four” column is rather funny and revealing. Tom is an initiate of David Blankenhorn, who was working in the DNC (yes, Democrat activist, according to an old message from one who now works in DHHS), last I knew (’90s?).

    “Hardwired to Connect” is a good report to keep around, for sure. It does, although I think not enough, emphasize the problem of fatherlessness, which needs to be solved, in my opinion, before we concern ourselves with getting support for/from the rest of the “Village.”

    Church is certainly important. Not to seem disrespectful, but we need clergy who will deliver any and all teachings from the Bible again without neglecting the less feel-good books, like, for example, Solomon’s sermon to young men. If this is done, more men will return to Church, I think.

  2. …sorry, I forgot to
    …sorry, I forgot to mention that “Tom,” that is, Tom Sylvester, is on the staff for and has done much writing for what they call “the marriage movement, recently.


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