Queen asks what her new job will be

The Queen of England has decided she needs to investigate the stuff Tony Blair’s been telling her about the proposed EU constitution: Queen raises fears over EU constitution. It seems she’s concerned about the effect of Article 10, which gives EU law primacy over the law of member states, on her position as sovereign. Unnamed members of Blair’s cabinet have given a response that I find characteristic: the article does not represent a material shift of power, because it merely defines in writing an unwritten agreement that EU member states must accept the rulings of the European Court. Put in other words, their view is that there’s no material difference between British law and a mutual understanding among Euro elites to choose the EU over their own country. I’d say the Queen has something serious to worry about, so it’s as well she asked for some background documents.

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  1. It’s about time the Crown
    It’s about time the Crown woke up to this latest bit of outrageous E.U. crap, this so-called “constitution,” and starting to balk (something they ought to have done thirty years ago, but it’s better late than never). I hope Blair’s over-eagerness to sign the thing will spell the beginning of the end of his government—the British race will always side with their Queen when the Queen’s advisors have the wit to finally tell her the right thing to do—as here.


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