Isn’t it nice when we all accept each other?

Dispatches from the front in the war for the final victory of tolerance:

  • “Isn’t That Fascism? No, Because We Don’t Call It Fascism”. I’ve suggested that “zero tolerance” rules are a consequence of the demand for inclusiveness (if you want to get rid of discrimination you have to be indiscriminate). This discussion of harassment law helps fill out that point.

  • In Killing the Good Samaritan libertarian feminist Wendy McElroy comments on the hermeneutic of suspicion that lies behind “inclusiveness,” and its effect on social trust.

  • And for an example of the effect of feminism on public discussion, consider Neil Lyndon’s case, the story of a standard-issue prestige journalist—a somewhat self-involved Englishman with generally routine left-wing views—who made the mistake of criticizing feminism. The account reflects the exceptional talent of the English for personal nastiness, but also has broader implications.

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  1. Amazing! Now I know why some
    Amazing! Now I know why some people call them femi-nazis. I wasn’t completely cozy with the term, but after reading the troubles that poor man went through and the stalinist response to him, i will use it when it is fit with no regret at all. The femi-nazis are completely devoid of any decency as I could see. Thank God we have millions of decent women who don’t fall into that femi-nazi trap. The only exception I take to the whole thing is that it is not true that Catholics can not accept intelligence and honesty in other people’s thoughts. Of course we can when they deserve it, inspite of good ‘ol George Orwell. (I forgive him because he wrote 1984 and Animal Farm) 🙂


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