More on intolerant tolerance

The new world of tolerance just keeps a-building: in England two social workers lost their jobs because they thought adoptions by homosexual couples (which became legal last November) were a bad thing. It’s not clear from the article whether social workers are required to believe in the wisdom of every legal adoption, or only those involving same-sex couples. In America, a baseball player nonetheless finds it possible to know where he stands and stand his ground: I stand by what I said about gays. But who knows how long that will last?

Why make a fuss about leftist intolerance? Not because other people are totally tolerant. The reason is that it is the Left itself that insists on tolerance as an ultimate standard. Since that insistence quickly becomes intolerant, it makes no sense. Whatever reasonable ways there may be of thinking about politics, the Leftist way—which has become mainstream—isn’t one of them. It necessarily and directly contradicts its own standards of freedom, equality, tolerance, rationality and so on. So something else has to be found.

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