Georgetown Jesuits do their thing!

There’s no substitute for seeing what’s there: Cardinal Arinze’s comment at Georgetown sparks protest. Mention that homosexuality mocks the family, and a theologian can’t bear to share the stage with you and 70 of her colleagues sign a letter of protest. In a way it’s all to the good—the more direct personal experience those at the highest level in the Church have of what Catholic institutions have become the better.

2 thoughts on “Georgetown Jesuits do their thing!”

  1. It appears that Cardinal
    It appears that Cardinal Arinze, speaking openly and clearly as a Catholic, had an audience who does not respect authority and Truth. Amazing that this is the norm at “Catholic” universities. And the students are led in this disrespect for authority and Truth by its professors and deans. Why am I not surprised?

  2. In a secular, academic
    In a secular, academic setting, I still encounter liberal non-Catholics who speak as if the Jesuits continue to be an elite instrument of papal will and orthodoxy. What nonsense. Recall what happened to Fr. Fessio’s St. Ignatius Institute at University of San Francisco. I don’t foresee His Eminence making any speeches at USF.



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