Why the Catholic warblogs?

Sentiment in Catholic blogdom seems—at least from what I see—to be running strongly in favor of the war. It occurs to me that the reason may be the nature of blogging about current events. The activity favors those with articulate opinions on everything. Those are usually people with strong attachments and clear comprehensive views, applicable universally, that are distinct but not too far from the mainstream.

Strong attachments pull in a conservative direction and clear comprehensive views the opposite. Put it together, and the perfect blogger would be a patriotic Catholic neoconservative. In politics he would combine attachment to official American ideals of liberty and equality, which he would want to spread around the world, with intense concern for the security and well-being of the United States. In religion he would favor both orthodoxy and moderate modernity, and he would emphasize loyalty to the Pope and the Catholic Church as a community. For such a person support for the war would be a natural, the only problem being the personal opposition of the Pope.

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