Sex ed in the demi-paradise

Here’s an update to our previous discussion of the technological approach to sex education, the one that simply trains children in techniques, that displays its consequences rather nicely: U.K. Government urges under-16s to experiment with oral sex. It avoids pregnancy, after all, and isn’t that the rational goal to be concerned with?

What the incident shows, of course, is the extraordinary radicalism of a regime that disposes of close to half the national income, that has custody of the nation’s children at least from age 4 or 5 to the late teen years, and that claims a comprehensive right and duty to remake the life of the people in line with its understanding of things like equality and efficiency. The point’s so obvious, both in theory and practice, that it’s hard to see how it could be missed. It is, though. Public discussion is dominated by media bureaucracies and bureacracies of expertise whose power and common interests make them constituents of the regime. And if those people, who know better, tell us everything is normal—as indeed it is from their point of view—who are we to disagree?

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  1. I strongly suspect that
    I strongly suspect that these recommendations we see from time to time, whereby some government agency or other advises that children and teenagers begin experimenting with oral sex and masturbation (together, of course, with the attempted brainwashing out of them of most teenagers’ natural disinclination toward homosexuality), reflects simply the homosexual influence. Male and female homosexuals want to get things rolling in their direction—are anxious to assure a maximally-sized next crop of participants in their vice. Too bad the article doesn’t state whether this man pushing this is a homosexual. But no matter—either he is one, or he is a weak-minded fool doing their bidding.

  2. Many years ago I was
    Many years ago I was employed as a Dean at a private school in Manhattan. Shortly after the job started, I was asked to teach the sex education class for eighth grade boys. The book for the course stated that any sexual activity was ok if it gave pleasure and did not harm anyone. I told my superiors that that was wrong and that I couldn’t teach this course. I don’t think this endeared me to them.

    In any case, this was the sexual ethic being deliberately taught at an upper middle class private school in New York City.

    Also, the book did not mention oral sex, but it would seem that the only difference between that book and what is being taught now is that today’s schools are actively encouraging various sexual activities, rather than just saying that everything is permitted so long as it doesn’t “hurt” anyone.


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