Dottiness in high places

New Labour is New Age, at least in the person of their First Couple: Ev’rybody must get stones (neolithic stone circles, that is). Cherie Blair does come off from the story as a bit of a crackpot. Is this a weakness of women in politics? Saul went off to see the Witch of Endor, but that was some time ago. It was more recently that Hillary Clinton and Nancy Reagan consulted their seers, and the writer says that various female royals have been involved in this sort of thing too. Cherie Blair’s chief distinction is that she’s more into it than most—she seems generally more serious than most—and since they’re famously a modern couple she’s more able to drag Hubby along with her.

2 thoughts on “Dottiness in high places”

  1. Cherie Blair is not just a
    Cherie Blair is not just a New Age crackpot but a leftist crackpot. She’s made statements about the Mideast and the war on terror that are from the vicinity of Chomsky land.

  2. We had a female politician
    We had a female politician here in Victoria who tried to defeat the opposition by sticking pins into a voodoo doll in the Senate.


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