Social justice starts at the top

It must be nice to be a black bigwig in South Africa and be able to pass off your personal demand for tons of money as something decreed by social justice: Rarity of Black-Run Businesses Worries South Africa’s Leaders. Somehow the personal interests of those making the demands (which are not the same as the interests of rank-and-file blacks who would be better off with stable property and well-run businesses) is an aspect of the story the New York Times overlooks in its lengthy front page report.

2 thoughts on “Social justice starts at the top”

  1. A photo caption in the Times
    A photo caption in the Times story reads: “Patrice Motsepe, who owns three gold mines, is a lonely figure in South Africa, which is struggling to build a class of corporate titans from its black elite.”

    It would appear that under the reign of social and racial engineering, “titans” are not the few, unusual, highly talented individuals who through their own enormous drive emerge into prominence in unpredictable ways. No, “titans” are to be deliberately created by the state.

    In fact, given the imperative of equal rights, becoming a “titan” may be an entitlement.

  2. I do like the image of this
    I do like the image of this guy who (one conjectures) has been given millions as becoming thereby a “lonely figure” in a “struggle.” It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it, and Patrice Motsepe was never a man to turn his back on the aspirations of his people …


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