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  1. From the linked story and an
    From the linked story and an earlier story, here’s the totality of what Alistair Scott, the 33-year-old defendant, is reported to have done and said:

    “He said Scott was first spotted making rude gestures. “He shouted an abusive remark and said, ‘Don’t you speak English, don’t you understand English. You are Muslims, what are you doing here?’.

    “There was a conversation which became heated and he said, ‘I hate you and I want you out of my country. I hate you especially after September 11.’

    “The next day Scott followed Mr Hudaid. He told him he hated Arabs and Muslims before speaking about how much the United States had spent on security. He also made remarks about the witness’s daughter and mother.”

    Now here’s what the complainant, Mohammed Hudaib, admitted under cross-examination as having said:

    “An engineer was convicted yesterday of religiously abusive behaviour after insulting a Muslim neighbour who hailed September 11 as a ‘great day’, praised Osama bin Laden as a ‘great man,’ and thought all Americans ‘deserved to die.'”

    So, for saying to a Muslim (who had cheered the mass murder of Americans and had said that all Americans deserve to die) that he hates Muslims and wants them out of his country, Scott has been found guilty of a crime that could put him in jail for seven years. For celebrating the mass murder of Americans and saying that all Americans deserved to die, Hudaib has not been charged with anything.

  2. Why do the English put up
    Why do the English put up with this idiocy? Why do they elect leftists who put such insane policies in place?


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