Everything’s normal

Happy-talk about homosexuality from those madcap Canadians: Children’s Aid Society seeks gay foster parents: Move reflects changing face of Canadian family. It’s easy for anyone to churn this stuff out. Just take it as obvious truth that sexual diversity is not diverse in any way that matters, that you can do anything at all to something altogether fundamental to human life and nothing will happen, and everything else follows. One big advantage of righteous views on “discrimination” is that they save a lot of mental effort. You don’t have to observe or think about anything. In fact, it’s better if you don’t.

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  1. It shows the strength of
    It shows the strength of liberal ideology to overpower some of our deepest instincts and experiences.

    Most members of the Child Aid Society would have felt a strong and particular connection to their mother and father in their own childhood, and yet they talk blithely about how a single foster parent or a same sex couple can best serve the needs of children.

    Something experienced so intimately over so many years is jettisoned in favour of an ideology which claims that we may, as autonomous, self-created individuals, choose for ourselves amongst diverse models of family life.


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