Do geese see God?

There’s something very odd about this: ‘Cruel’ mouse music study blasted. Several of the mice involved in a Cambridge University study of the effects of amphetamines and loud music suffered brain damage and died, it seems, resulting in outrage from activists and disciplinary action by the Home Office.

How long will it be before someone insists that rodent control be reformed on the lines demanded in the case of Canada geese? Consider the outlook inspiring the latter:

In recent years, there has been an increase in media reports about conflicts between people and Canada geese. Without exception, the tone of these articles is decidedly biased against geese, and the reports usually presuppose that such attitudes are widely held and that the reasons are self-evident.

The Canada goose website is worth exploring, by the way. Keep up with what’s doing in the Twilight Zone!

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  1. Hell, if they simply
    Hell, if they simply monitored their own student body at Cambridge they wouldn’t have had to kill those poor mice to study the effects of speed and loud music.


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