Gleichschaltung in the British theater

Another effort in Britain to bring cultural institutions into line: Racism in British Theatres. I look forward to future reports on indecency, lack of patriotism, doubts about the work ethic and who knows what else in the British theater. The reports on racism in the theater follow reports on racism in British universities and many other public and cultural institutions. Meanwhile, another British institution gets with the program as sexual radical Rowan Williams is named Archbishop of Canterbury.

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  1. In a weekly reading group at
    In a weekly reading group at my church a few years ago we read from a collection of sermons by Rowan Williams, called, I think, A Ray of Darkness. While the sermons were quite intelligent and interesting, their method was always to approach Christianity by way of some aspect of secular, modern experience. Williams seemed to be looking for ways to make Christianity appeal to secular modern people rather than of preaching the Gospel itself. I considered him a modernist, not a true Christian. His support for gay priests and female bishops and so on did not come up in these readings, but it is no surprise.


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