Today’s quote (Mark Twain)

A totally nonpolitical and indeed (intentionally) nonsensical quote that I just ran into for the first time since college. It struck me as characteristic and very funny then, and still does:

“It was a crisp and spicy morning in early October. The lilacs and laburnums, lit with the glory-fires of autumn, hung burning and flashing in the upper air, a fairy bridge provided by kind Nature for the wingless wild things that have their homes in the tree-tops and would visit together; the larch and the pomegranate flung their purple and yellow flames in brilliant broad splashes along the slanting sweep of the woodland; the sensuous fragrance of innumerable deciduous flowers rose upon the swooning atmosphere; far in the empty sky a solitary esophagus slept upon motionless wing; everywhere brooded stillness, serenity, and the peace of God.”

Mark Twain, “A Double-Barreled Detective Story”. (The linked story includes an amusing account of reader reactions.)

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