Feminism as usual

View from the mainstream: Group Says Course Training Still Breaks Along Sex Lines. If girls choose cosmetology and boys plumbing it’s plain common sense that something’s got to be done. And the law by and large backs that up.

And to find out what “diversity” means among those accepted as spokesmen for women, look at the intro page for the 2002 National NOW Conference. No white people at all. You’ll be happy to know though that “the 2002 National NOW Conference is a scent-free event. Participants are asked to use unscented products in lieu of scented toiletries and detergents, and to refrain from wearing perfumes and colognes.”

Political life today is extraordinary. In settled prosperous self-satisfied times we find law and policy determined by obvious crackpots. What can it mean?

2 thoughts on “Feminism as usual”

  1. If boys choose plumbing and
    If boys choose plumbing and girls choose cosme-
    tology, who cares? It only proves that there is a
    difference between the two genders and always will
    be. Among animals, genders are different, why wouldn’t genders be different among humans?

  2. I think the key word is
    I think the key word is choose. You cant force women to be plumbers if eye shadow is their cup of tea and can you make a man learn to how to style wash and wear hair. Also, i love how they cant wear perfum…that at least hid the fact that they don’t wear deodorant.


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