Tolerance Nazis in Canada

And in Canada, another traditionally Anglican country, the other side of the process becomes clear. The church may want to disentangle itself from the state, but the state won’t leave the church alone: Canada becoming anti-religious. Forcing a Catholic school to let a homosexual couple attend the prom was only the beginning. How about telling a school it can’t even close down when that sort of thing starts to happen?

2 thoughts on “Tolerance Nazis in Canada”

  1. Who are we to judge another
    Who are we to judge another persons lifestyle. We may say ew, look a man with another man, but we are not superior to anybody because of our religion or nationality or sexual orientation. When are people going to realize this? The church accepts homosexuals, they do not accept homosexual acts. I think it’s great that the gay couple were allowed to go to the prom, what’s so bad about that?The prom is just a night of dancing and being with friends

  2. Um, everyone has the right
    Um, everyone has the right to judge other people’s lifestyles. That’s one of the rights of democracy. I have the right to be disgusted by homosexuals if I choose. If my religion, which I am allowed to choose freely, condems homosexuality, I have every right to hate those people vehemently. I cannot treat them unfairly under any codes of the law, but in any close-knit community environment that tries to instill certain values in its youth, such as a school or the boy scouts, judgment calls about which values are allowed to be displayed can be made by the majority in that community. That is why people are not allowed to go the prom naked, or dressed up as KKK members.


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