Second thoughts in the Dutch Church

Still, not all Europeans in public positions are as lacking in humanity as Times of London staffers. A traditionalist Austrian e-newsletter mentions the statement of the “extremely (‘auesserst‘) liberal” Dutch Cardinal Simonis:

“How can a country be described as a model where there is very permissive legislation on the subject of abortion, where euthanasia has been introduced, made to appear as a right, and where marriage between individuals of the same sex is licit?” the cardinal asked.

“These are the consequences of this individualist freedom,” he warned. “Dutch society is too permissive, beyond the limits of what is allowed.”

Cardinal Simonis ended by expressing the hope that Fortuyn┬┤s assassination will “be an occasion to truly reflect on all that is happening in the Netherlands.”

So the shock of murder, like the shock of the pederasty scandals in the United States, is bringing to their senses even some who have been inclined to go along with modernity.

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