The Europeans are terribly

The Europeans are terribly upset that an “extreme rightist” got 17% of the vote. They’ve had a lot of upsets lately. A couple of days ago it was the massacres they claimed (on very little evidence) had taken place at Jenin.

Paranoids find the world alarming but so do people who try to maintain a system of unreality. The Europeans are convinced that everything can be managed—all you do is put the right people in charge and keep everyone else quiet with bribes, amusements, and a comprehensive system of supervision. When that doesn’t seem to work, as in the Middle East, they get upset and blame it all on whoever involved looks like an adult. And when someone suggests there are aspects of public life, like culture or ethnicity, that can’t be reduced to a rational administrative system, they go berserk. It’s an attack on the foundations of their world.

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