I went to a

I went to a Latin mass here in Brooklyn today, so far as I know the only one celebrated in the borough. I liked it very much, and will continue to attend.

One reason is that the traditional mass is not specially about the priest or the congregation, it’s about God, the saints, the church everywhere and always, and only then about those particular people who happen to be present and would like to be part of the picture.

The priest’s role is entirely formal. From the standpoint of someone who until recently attended a church in a thoroughly corrupt Episcopal diocese that just had two insane rectors in a row, that’s a huge benefit. In the traditional mass it becomes unimportant who the priest or the bishop or your fellow worshippers are—the visible participants and what they do is the least important part of what’s going on. I can’t help but think that approach stands up better than the current notion of liturgy as mainly a communal celebration.

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