3 thoughts on “Does feminism make sense?”

  1. Thank you Mr. Kalb.

    You are measured and cautious in your descriptions of what men and women have to complain about in the opposite sex, noting that both women *and* men have vulnerabilities that are exploited by the opposite sex. But you appear to conclude that as a sex, women are more vulnerable.

    That may be true, but the discussion is not nearly complete without also then acknowledging that men have always, in pretty much every time and place, made special accommodation for women’s vulnerability, whether feminism were present or not. This is an act of good will and generosity on the part of men toward women, and seems to be innate in men’s nature. It would be bad enough if feminism simply disregarded this benevolence peculiar to men; but feminism instead turns it entirely on its head, spitting back on men and charging them with *bad will* toward women.

  2. The discussion was incomplete in all sorts of ways. The basic goal was to say that even on the best showing feminism doesn’t make a lot of sense and we should rethink how we deal with the issues more realistically.


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