Another review of my book

There’s yet another review of my book The Decomposition of Man: Identity, Technocracy, and the Church, starting on page 30 of the July/August 2023 issue of the Anglican magazine New Directions:

“Kalb’s clear-sightedness, rigour and strength of argumentation make his voice an exceptional one to be heard. If you only wanted to sample just one book in this genre, this would in my view be it.”

4 thoughts on “Another review of my book”

  1. Thanks. Hope at least a few people show up now and then.

    All the old entries should be there. I think I have most of the longer ones indexed in the “Categories” block on the right, and the rest should be available through search or archive.

  2. Greetings from Australia. Reading your book now for the second time. Congratulations on your work. I was reading the book on the bus and thought your appraisal of the situation is without parallel. Kind regards Tom


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