Whiteness conundrums

It’s not clear what exactly “whiteness” means but it’s a broad term. Documents used in official settings have declared merit and objectivity aspects of whiteness. And it’s not clear there’s a distinction between “whiteness” and “Western civilization.” Or between either and “white supremacy.”

How about “European culture” and “European civilization”? Are they also considered illegitimate? It’s worth noting that we’ve recently been told that “Western civilization” as well as “Swedish culture” and “French culture” do not exist. And that “English literature” is problematic — it should be “English language literature.” People have even complained that it’s colonialism for the Welsh to speak Welsh in Wales.

Is there a general principle that says, for example, that “Khmer culture” does not exist, or are Western cultures somehow different? And if there’s a special rule, does that suggest that people really do believe that the West—and thus the people who created it—really are supreme and can’t stand it?

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