2 thoughts on “Can we turn back the clock?”

  1. A great article. At the local
    A great article. At the local level, we are attempting to slowly reintroduce habits, traditions and customs that derive from how people have always gone about life as a matter of commonsense. Little by little this may start to overturn the standard of “equal satisfaction of preferences” and show that life is more than careerism, consumerism and bureaucracy.

    In my country, Australia, we have seen more traditional life erode over the past 5 decades. The younger professionals I work with (I’m a lawyer) know little of traditional life and advocate all things liberal. They don’t see any other way to go about it to be honest. Still, as your article notes, things have to start at home. Things are not going to change by osmosis but by a good and joyful example of traditional life where things such as family, culture, country, history and faith are integral to life’s meaning. Keep up the good work Mr Kalb – living this life can be difficult in the face of western culture and we need local friends and good articles from people such as yourself to encourage us.

    • Thanks for the note! In the
      Thanks for the note! In the long run you have to think that what can’t go on won’t go on and what works better for people will survive better. In the mean time we can only do our best.


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