1 thought on “Identity politics and Church teaching”

  1. Great article
    An excellent piece. In my country Australia we are rapidly moving towards the logical outcome of a liberal worldview. Same sex marriage is imminent and our society which had largely been undergirded by a ‘civic christianity’ is losing any reference point. Sydney, where I live, is one of the most multicultural cities in the world( as a result of huge immigration post WW II). The Church in Australia at least in Anglo Saxon/ Celtic circles is small and weak. There are reactionary movements in Australia (right wing nationalist movements). As in the USA, seems the main task of Catholics in Australia is to build a coherent traditional community.

    Religion used to play a more prominent role in the country. Our federal constitutional provision on the government neither sanctioning an official religion nor prohibiting the practice of a religion was modelled on the equivalent US constitutional provision. Until recently, it was interpreted to mean that religion could play a much greater role in public life. With the rise of secular liberalism, it is now being relegated to the private sphere.

    Thankfully there is a relatively recently formed Australian Conservative party which may provide a gathering point for people of like mind: https://www.conservatives.org.au/

    Keep up the great work.


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