3 thoughts on “What Are Catholics To Do? (Part II)”

  1. > The ultimate ideal may be the New Jerusalem
    Our society got to where it is now largely as a result of various attempts to build the New Jerusalem here on Earth, even though Jesus himself had clearly said that that’s not the idea. Several centuries’ experience shows that this ideal is very dangerous and might be better discarded.

    • Oh, I agree
      “Not likely to get there any time soon” is ironic understatement for “not likely to get there this side of events described in the Book of Revelation.”

      • I’m afraid it’s much too subtle
        both for the general public (they get confused) and for the smart ones (they get tangled up in their own sophistry). To take an even more clear-cut case, Jesus said in so many words that nobody but the Father knows when the world will end (Matthew 24:36), and that it’s not our business to know (Acts 1:7), but look at all the Christian doomsday cults which have been flourishing for 2000 years.


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