Amazing scientific fact of the day

I thought I’d mention this, even though it’s irrelevant to this weblog, because you gotta know about it: in Utah 15 years ago they detected a cosmic ray—a fast-moving proton—that hit the earth or rather upper atmosphere with a kinetic energy equal to that of a well-thrown baseball. To pack that kind of wallop it had to be going at almost the speed of light, where “almost” means that in a year a beam of light would have outrun it by only 2 millionths of an inch. Since then a number of similar events have been noted. Apparently a ray with that kind of energy hits an average square mile on the earth’s surface every 50 years or so. Astronauts and sunbathers take note.

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  1. Physics
    Talk about amazing things, consider that an electron, matter, can be in two places at the same time. The experiment is demonstrated with two small slits in the path of an electron beam. There is no doubt about it. The reference is Taming the Atom. We think we know what is going on. But we don’t.


  2. Fluctuating cosmic radiation…
    Clearly, this is further proof of Human Induced Global Warming (TM).

    Err… hang on, something’s wrong here.

    • Modern-day witchcraft
      Hehehe, yes Kilroy, indeed. There are so many factors working on climate change that have nothing to do with human activity that it is amazing people actually get sucked into this “we’re causing the icecaps to melt” hysteria. I tend to think it’s because people are always looking for something to believe in, and with society’s rejection of orthodox religion, they get cought up in this rubbish – as I said in the title to my post, environmentalism is modern day witchcraft.


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