2 thoughts on “Anti-smoking crusade versus Islam – guess who wins?”

  1. This is interesting
    It’s not Islam, really, since tobacco didn’t come in until 1492, but very likely one factor in the decision is that the Muslims have shown people that you don’t mess with them.

    Rem tene, verba sequentur.

    • Exactly, and there‚Äôs more
      Exactly, and there’s more hypocrisy when it comes to Canadian government policy vis-a-vis tobacco and racial minorities: check out their hilarious arguing out of both sides of their mouth when addressing Canada’s aboriginals regarding tobacco, here.

      “Commercial tobacco bad! Native tobacco good!”

      On a reserve close to where I live, the anti-tobacco laws are not enforced; mom-and-pop operations sell lots of tax-free, cheaper cigarettes (only healthy, aboriginal brands, of course) out of homes and trailers to non-aboriginals (24/7, in drive-thru operations, even), and one can smoke in the many cafes and diners on the reserve.

      The reserve tobacco trade is believed to be linked to smuggling operations connected with the Mohawk Warrior(s) Society, a terrorist group (who are also involved with reserve gambling casinos). And the government is afraid to enforce the laws, precisely due to fears of provoking confrontation with the band over the matter.

      One standard for non-natives, another for natives – and Muslims, now, too.

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