In Search of a Moderate Islam

Dear Mr. Kalb and Fellow Readers,

The parallels of Islam and National Socialism (NS) are intriguing.

“Its mainstays were the doctrines of racial inequality and of adherence to the leader, or Führer; its constant theme was nationalist expansion.” Muslims believe non-Muslims are unequal and constantly rail against White “devils.” They adhere to a leader, Mohammed (Muhammad) and, by doctrinal delegation, local mullahs.

“Vague and mystical, [NS] was not a system of well-defined principles.” By some accounts, the Koran is an incoherent, rambling text.

NS is a “glorification of prejudice.” Muslims are required to prejudge non-Muslims as worthy of only conversion, death, or dhimmitude (service to Muslims). On an almost daily basis, we hear reports of Muslim suicide bombers who are glorified among some and maybe most Muslims. Saddam Hussein paid the families of suicide bombers that attacked Israelis.

NS’s “constant theme was nationalist expansion.” We regularly see reports that Muslims have always sought to expand their ideology from nation to nation.

“According to Nazi dogma, races could be scientifically classified as superior and inferior.” Muslims believe their members are superior and nonbelievers are inferior. The Muslim ruler is not science but ideology. Note an important distinction between Catholicism and Islamicism. Catholics do not believe they are superior to nonbelievers. Instead they believe the nonbeliever is in grave danger and ought to be saved; but if the Catholic is rejected, he at most is merely to shake the dust of the nonbeliever’s home from his feet.

NS’s believed “Jews were at the bottom of the racial ladder.” If there is one single, indisputable, awful, tragic, stupid idea that almost every Muslim believes is the Jew is anathema. The presence of Israel, perhaps, will be the eventual downfall of Islam in that the Muslim passion about Jewish people will only intensify the passion of Christians about Jewish people, and that Christian passion is to save Israel, a vital part of Western Civilization.


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  2. Islam and National Socialism
    There are some very important differences between Islam and NS:

    1. Mohammed is dead and no one can ever replace him. He was the final prophet, so there’s no one and can never again be anyone in Islam who has the kind of authority Hitler had.
    2. The Koran for all I know may ramble but in the absence of a prophet or pope the religion relies on systematic scholarship and law.
    3. NS glorified the state and depends on the state while Islam can go on for centuries in places where there’s hardly any state at all (e.g., Afghanistan, Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier).
    4. The difference between Muslims and Kaffirs is not like the difference between Aryans and Jews, since any Kaffir can choose to become a Muslim. It’s easy, he just has to say “there is no God but God and Mohammed is his prophet.”
    5. NS lasted 12 years while Islam has been able to sustain the life of millions for centuries. That in itself makes it unlikely it’s the same sort of thing.
    • The Koran does ramble. As
      The Koran does ramble. As false-prophet, Bible imitations go, the poetry and prose of the Koran isn’t even all that impressive. At least Joseph Smith’s Bible imitation was well written. Of course, the Mormons won’t kill me for saying that.

      I once read that Hitler believed that the German people would have been even more amenable to Nazi ideas if they had been Muslim instead of Christian. I suppose Lutherans and Roman Catholics don’t make good killers.

      • People in a position to know
        People in a position to know say there’s a great deal of poetic beauty in the Koran. My impression is that it’s closely tied to the Arabic in which it’s written and doesn’t translate. For my own part I tried reading a translation once and couldn’t get through it.

        Rem tene, verba sequentur.

        • True. Poetry often doesn’t
          True. Poetry often doesn’t translate well, particularly across vastly different lingustic families. The Saudi-government endorsed version that I read certainly must not have translated well.

      • Koran Kebabbed
        The Koran’s only original contribution to monotheistic theology is the Jihad, so it is hardly surprising that Hitler made the above-mentioned observation.

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