The abolition of Europe continues

I thought I’d post a couple of comments I made at Brussels Journal about the slow-motion war being carried out by European elites against their own societies and people. The first is more or less self-explanatory:

Just a minor rant on “multiculturalism”:

Naturally, it can’t exist as a situation in which several cultures exist intermingled with equal status. After all, a “culture” consists among other things in attitudes, expectations and understandings that are taken for granted, so they can be relied on to order social existence, and no such things can exist unless there is a particular culture that is authoritative.

The point of “multiculturalism” though is not to give favors to minority cultures but to use the presence of minority cultures and the dogma of equality to disrupt and suppress the local inherited dominant culture, so it can’t function and society becomes purely an aggregate of individuals whose social existence depends wholly on their status as units of production and consumption in an overall system understood by its promoters as supremely rational. Whether rational or not, that system is in any case supremely easy to administer and manipulate because the people has been destroyed as a people, and so lacks all loyalties, standards and understandings of its own and thus the ability to think or act independently.

The response of the French authorities and mainstream journalists to the riots reflects such an understanding of multiculturalism: the problem, they say, is that the “youths” haven’t been integrated into the overall rational system of production and consumption, partly because the authorities haven’t done enough, they haven’t asserted their supremacy over all social relations with sufficient vigor, and partly because too many of the older things that once made up France have been permitted to survive. The solution, it is said, is therefore forcible therapy—help the “youths” integrate, and destroy the old French particularities (“bigotries”) that interfere with that integration.

The youths are thus in effect acting as shock troops in a continuing revolution carried out by European elites against their own people. That is the fundamental reason the riots have not been suppressed.

It did seem remarkable, I think, that the French establishment and Western commentators generally allied themselves with the rioters, and treated France and the French as the problem to be overcome. The second comment was in response to a bit on some comments from Estonian officials about how their fellow-countrymen ought to get with the EU program:

This sort of thing seems largely a matter of where the Finance Minister and former Foreign Minister find their identity and so the point of view from which they look at things.

It seems clear that they look at themselves most basically as top-level functionaries and not as Estonians. As such, they take the TLF point of view, watch out for the collective interest of TLFs, and think it’s quite clear that the most important thing Estonia or anybody else can possibly do is bring everything in line with what’s wanted by the international TLF union, otherwise known as the EU. After all, the whole point of the communitarian spirit is that it sets TLFs free from boring local influences and lets them run everything just as they think it should be run.

One might ask why Estonians generally should look at things that way. Admittedly the TLFs are experts and know better, but don’t other things, basic loyalties for example, sometimes count?

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