Historia ecclesiae (Tarikh-ul-kalisa?) in NYC

Those in the NYC area interested in Catholicism should know about John Rao’s lectures on Church history. He’s thoughtful and knowledgeable, and it’s the second time he’s given the series (last time the complete cycle was 12 years, this time it’ll be longer), so there’s some substance there. Also, you get really good cheese and not bad wine after the lecture and before the Q & A. It’s Sundays at the NYU Catholic Center, which occasionally has some issues (last lecture we got bumped from our usual room for some reason and ended up in the chapel with no air conditioning) but hey, that puts you on the front line where it’s all happening today I suppose. Anyway, the lectures are highly recommended.

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  1. Maybe the Vatican needs to make Dhimmi Watch required reading?
    That Dhimmi Watch log entry linked at “issues” in the above entry is an eye-opener … not to say jaw-dropper.

    Long live free Flanders!


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