8 thoughts on “Srdja Trifkovic apparently in danger…”

    • What a huge loss if Trifkovic’s voice were to be silenced
      Will, thanks for posting that item. Serge Trifkovic is a treasure as far as I’m concerned—he’s written some of the truly classic essays on the left, the culture wars, the E.U., the post-communist Tranzi-type internationalist one-worlders, George Soros of course, and so on. Losing him, apart from being a terrible tragedy on a personal level, would be an immense loss to the forces of sanity in the post-communist world. May he emerge safe and sound from whatever trips he feels he needs to take to the Balkan region at this dangerous moment!

      Incidentally, I find it refreshing to see, as in that Chronicles discussion thread you linked, Will, a bit of a presentation of the last decade-and-a-half’s events in the Balkans from the Serbian point of view, a viewpoint we aren’t often exposed to in the U.S. It turns out the Serbs may not have been the unalloyed “bad guys” the U.S. media made them out to be during their military operations in Kosovo that led to their getting bombed by Nato. It’s nice to get at least an inkling of their side of the story now and then. Thanks for the post.

      Long live Flanders!

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