The real Left & Right

My school teaches the poltical spectrum as far left authoritarian, socialist, communist, the far right as fascist & and Capitalist. The middle is democracy.
Well, this seems dumb to me.
I’d say the Left is socialist,goes from Authoritarian to Utilitarian, Vice-oriented, is Dominion-oriented, it ranges from progressive(Communism) to regressive(Nazism) in orientation, it has both elitest & anarachist components.
The Right is capitalist, it ranges from Libertarian to Egalitarian(meaning that every self-actualizes),Virtue-oriented, is Communion-oriented(meaning that we reconize are differences yet see ourselves as a common community based on our common humanity, rather than dominion over others as the Left wants),it has a narrow range of just conservative orientation(democracy),it has only polist elements.
This is really oversimplified but, please think about it.

This model allows for greater improvement of society. The old model says we are as good as democracy gets. My model shows that we still have plenty of room for improvement. The left atrarted out as regressive elites that were overthrown by progressive anarchists whom are now elites themselves. Don’t be surprised if the Regressive anarchist overthrow the Progressive elites.Europeans have a simmering regressive underbelly, mainly as a NeoFascist movement in Austria and other nations. For Conservatives like myself this would be an oppurtunity to take precedent in the world on ideas.And finally show what the Right is made of. We can change the world forever.
Please note that Regressives may adopt traditional capitalism yet they would deny rights to inocent minorities or outcasts that would be given equal oppurtunity under a Conservative gov’t. Progressives are Revolutionaries, Regressives are Reactionaries. Conservatives are moderates of both otherwise should be known as Reformationaries or Restorationaries.
Oh yeah, as Radicals or Liberals gain power they become more moderate towards change so they may seem like reformers yet they are just delaying their revolutionary or reactionary agenda to keep their power stable. Don’t be fooled by slow change by Leftists. Like Hyppies cutting their hair and getting jobs to become Yuppies. Leftists are wolves that put on sheeps clothing to avoid scaring the herd away so they can devour it as they please instead of all at once.

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