The ever-more-glorious present

More signs of the times:

  • The Canadians are closing down potluck suppers and bake sales. It seems they’re not regulated and bureaucratized enough (home kitchens aren’t inspected for compliance with commercial standards) and so are bad for public health.
  • And in Michigan, a female middle school teacher who lives with another woman and their adoped son seduced a 14-year-old female student with emotional problems and “married” her in a pagan ritual (it appears they’re all Wiccans). The story says she might go to jail, but it’s not clear why. After all, Wicca is a religion like any other, “gay marriage” is a human right and gay polygamy must be more so, people accept more and more that young people should have the same rights and autonomy as anyone else, and the Vagina Monologues, a theatrical production that has consistently picked up extremely respectable patronage on account of its message, favors seduction of young teenage girls by older women. So what, exactly, is the problem?

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  1. but is that the real reason for the Cdn govt’s actions?
    Given Bill C-250, and given some musings by Canadian bureaucrats about withdrawing church’s charitable status (for taxation purposes) if they get involved in politics (defined as loosely as a sermon on homosexuality, for example, during an election campaign), one wonders whether this is merely food inspection / public health paranoia (we certainly have had enough of that; for example, there was a ban, at one time, on imports of unpasteurized cheese, until public outcry forced them to lift it), or whether it is more an attack-the-churches-by-stealth move. Hard to say… In any case, bake sales and fundraising dinners are major sources of revenue for churches, apart from donations, and bring in funds from people in the general community, in addition to members of the church putting them on. So it could have a serious financial impact – but I’m still hopeful the uproar will be enough to get the twits in Ottawa to back down.


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