Conservative Sexuality Views Under-represented

It seems there are pleanty of people speaking out about their sexuality. However, there seems to be an uneven representation of sexual morality views on some popular websites. For example, has a lack of moderate and conservative views on sexuality even though they allow all points of view on their site. I wish I could see a more balanced representation on the Internet. I think those of us who belive sex is not a free-for-all should take time to publish in these types of open forums more often.

2 thoughts on “Conservative Sexuality Views Under-represented”

  1. Are people at such sites open
    Are people at such sites open to giving a fair hearing to perspectives with which they radically disagree? Generally, I’ve noticed that, sadly, far too many people on many discussion boards and fora, both those on the left and those ostensibly on the right, cannot bear to hear opinions much different from their own, and that liberals tend to be the most close-minded of all – do you think that conservative sexual morality can get a fair hearing at that site you mentioned? If so, great! If not, though, what’s the point? No use casting pearls before swine…

    • Open Invitation
      I am the current editor of and I would welcome more conservative and moderate sex and sexuality views. In fact, I would like to give participants their own pages on the site if they are willing to submit editorials.

      I see a trend on this site towards a “loose” sexual attitude, and I think it is unfairly over-represented. In the reality of society, I feel there are many people on the sexuality spectrum that believe in monogamy, marriage, abstinence, celibacy, etc. I wish I could also have editorials regarding the negative consequences of promiscuity, prostitution, teen sex, and substance abuse combined with sex.

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