If you can, please support a Canadian dissident right-wing journalist:

Hey all,

I and others here have previously mentioned this excellent Canadian journalist:


As one can see in his latest post:


he’s in rather difficult straits these days…

KMG is one of the only Canadian journalists on the Right who isn’t a neoconservative. He’s gotten some work writing for Chronicles, though it’s just freelance, and doesn’t cover all the bills… Much like Mr. Kalb and several participants here, he’s a traditionist Roman Catholic, and politically, sort of the Canadian equivalent of a paleoconservative.

If anyone can spare a bit, he could certainly use it. Like he says, he can’t really get work in Canada, while David Frum and Mark Steyn and company easily get work on both sides of the border. There really is no room in official Canadian “conservatism” for anyone who doesn’t tow the neo-con line… I don’t have a lot of money myself, but apart from my church givings, I try to give a bit to support dissident Internet journalism/blogging, both here in Canada and in the United States…

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  1. KMG
    Kevin Grace is a superb writer, and conservative social critic. A brief sample, a comment on our popular culture as represented by half-time at the most recent Super Bowl:

    “. . . So what are we to make of the spectacle of Hollywood conjuring the Zeitgeist of 1920s Berlin during America’s most-watched television event? Do they think Cabaret has a happy ending?

    “Janet Jackson has for years professed a wholly unconvincing penchant for S&M, but could it be true that Hollywood’s darkest perversion is a secret longing for discipline of the strictest and nastiest kind imaginable? Hey, say what you like about those Nazis, they certainly had style.

    “Life may be a cabaret, old chum, but this is one show that can’t go on much longer.”

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