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  1. “Hatred”? Isn’t this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?
    The first thing I did on browsing that “Stand to Reason” site was add it to “my favorites.” It’s an opinionated but mild-mannered site—in fact, almost too polite and mild-mannered for my taste but I added it anyway. That Google did what they did can only be a reflection of homosexual influence—either within Google itself or leaning hard on it from the outside.

    The left doesn’t have a concept of fairness, free speech, and so on. When they get power they try to crush those whose views they don’t like. They’re ruthless when they get power. I remember years ago when I used to watch “Capitol Gang” I think it was, whenever Pat Buchanan was hosting he was unfailingly a gentleman and bent over backward to be fair to everyone with opposing views, always letting the liberal have the last word in a particular discussion, etc., and whenever Al Hunt was hosting he was rude, abrasive, brazen, insulting, dictatorial, seeking without fail to squelch the conservative voice at every turn by ridiculing it, not letting it talk and cutting it off in mid-sentence, NEVER EVER giving it the last word or even next to last, or next after that, and so on, but taking the last several comments in a row on any particular topic for himself, Mark Shields, and whatever other leftists were on the panel… Right there in a nutshell was your contrast between the typical leftist attitude and tactics vis-à-vis disagreement and the attitude and tactics of the so-called “right” (what I call “the normals”). People on the right will let those with opposing views speak. People on the left never will. And that’s funny because it’s they who are always yap-yap-yapping the loudest and whiniest about “democracy-this” and “democracy-that” and “fascism” and “totalitarianism”—when they’re the biggest totalitarians around.

    The left doesn’t know what the word “democracy” means—hasn’t a clue.

    • Do we need to change tactics,
      Do we need to change tactics, perhaps? Borrow a page from the left, and be less generous to our opponents – or, in so doing, do we cease to be ourselves – fair-minded, just? (I have no easy answers… How do we overcome the disadvantages of trying to play fair against an enemy who refuses to do so? Seems they have the advantage – except that God is on our side, so surely, ultimately, His way must prevail, at least, in the end it will…)

      Will S.

  2. Hatred Watch
    As promised, I am posting Google’s form response to my e-mail (which is now gone from this page).

    “Thank you for your note. The Google advertising program is managed by a set of policies that we develop based on several factors, including user and customer experience and legal considerations. We review our policies regularly and make changes to keep them current and effective. Our goal is to have policies that are fair, consistent, and adaptable.

    Thank you for your interest in this issue and sharing your thoughts with us. Your feedback is important and helpful to us as we work to keep our policies effective and fair.

    The Google Team”


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