German discipline crumbles

The major German media have announced that they are abandoning a language-reform program that the government has been pushing the past 6 years. They’re returning to the old way of writing (not to Fraktur, the old black-letter script they used before the war, but to immensely long words, lots of commas, and the double Ss that look like Bs). It’s good to see that even in Germany, a land where “Zivilcourage” refers to the activities of pro-regime PC vigilantes, Gleichschaltung (the practice of forcing everybody and everything to get with the program) can sometimes fail, at least in minor things of no direct political relevance.

2 thoughts on “German discipline crumbles”

  1. Our heart’s core knows there will come a turning of the tide.
    This was a triumph in which nothingness was vanquished by somethingness, entropy defeated by meaning. Thank God we finally get to glimpse a few things going in the right direction. All I can say is, if reading this article made your heart swell with joy, you’re my kind of person. May this victory be duplicated a billion times as we leave the left behind us to stew in its own eternal nothingness. Let’s not pollute ourselves any more by touching it, or coming into contact with it. We march toward something better and yes, with the help of Providence and all the earthly strength we can muster, we will get to our destination.

  2. german politicians and bible
    “Searches the best city ” – the politician Bible over the jesus Shop buy “search to the city best” religious convictions play in the political cash transaction probably rather a subordinated role. Why thus a “politician Bible”? It seems, as if “the word of God” would be unites to point politicians nevertheless somehow because of the heart. From the Federal Chancellor to the opposition guide 56 politicians copied a Bible place, which is particularly important to them, and explained, what them with the respective section to connect. The so-called “politician Bible” appears to the city under the title “searches best”. According to Stephan Reimers – together with Karl Juesten publisher of the Bible – should by the collection of the Bible places and the thoughts of the delegates also “completely normal humans? the occupation with the Bible become lively. The project serves a good purpose. Of each copy (9.90?) does a euro the “center Lehrter road come? in the proximity of the area of government administration of benefit. This church auxiliary center of the citizens of Berlin city mission supports homeless people and alone standing young people. The most popular Bible verse among of Germany politicians is in the letter of the Paulus to the Galater: “to the liberty Christ freed you – in such a way and not again can’t the yoke the farmhand shank is only certain be forced upon? (Galater 5, 1). Equivalent three delegates call this place: Bundestag vice-president Susanne Kastner, the last GDR minister of foreign affairs, civil rights activist and minister Markus Meckel (both SPD) as well as the Bioethik Expertin Maria Boehmer (CDU). Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD), which with its Mrs. Doris Schroeder koepf cutting back recently a Russian waisenkind adopted, quotes the Matthews gospel: “and who accepts such a child in my name, takes up me? (Matthew 18, 5). This is an appeal to create to children in Germany a better future said Schroeder. From the mountain sermon the favourite Bible word of the Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU chairman Edmund Stoiber originates: “everything that expects it from others, does also to them? (Matthew gospel 7, 12). For it as a politician the Bible place well-known as golden rule is a request to precede with good example writes Stoiber. CDU chairman of the party Angela Merkel did it a section from the first corinthians letter: “now however faith, hope, remains love, these three – however the love is the largest among them” (1st corinthians 13, 13). Merkel commentated, the love opens human beings for each other and lifts it beyond everyday concerns and problems. “you is the volume, which holds everything together. Without it our life would be poor aimless, and without perspective.” “look for the city best” (politician Bible) Karl Juesten & Stephan Reimers (Hrsg.) 120 sides, ISBN 3-8048-4486-3 kartoniert? 9, 90 Friedrich Wittig publishing house.


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