A note from the CEDAW front

With reference to the supposed liberal respect for the consent of the people, it’s worth pointing out that the attempt to force universal abortion rights on the whole world on international human rights grounds is going ahead full tilt, with a UN Committee developing its plans establishing abortion on demand for women and girls as an internationally recognized and enforceable human right. (The Turnabout search function will turn up previous entries on the horrors of CEDAW, The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the treaty that’s providing cover for the campaign.)

2 thoughts on “A note from the CEDAW front”

  1. Attack the rich doing the funding: Soros, Turner, Heinz-Kerry…
    It’s not too hard to imagine abortion-worshipper George Soros’s paw-prints all over this development (see how the article refers several times to the pivotal role played by NGOs: Soros heavily funds aggressively pro-abortion NGOs worldwide). Serge Trifkovic had a must-read article on the el-sicko radical left-wing billionaire in Chronicles in February here.

    and check out Richard Poe’s recent three-part exposé of this infamous neo-Marxist degenerate, here:

    http://www.richardpoe.com/column.cgi?story=135 .

    Thank God soldiers in the war against evil such as Trifkovic and Poe have begun lifting the rocks Soros for one has been trying to hide under…


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