The Times and the times

It’s remarkable that the New York Times should publish this: Eurabia?, by historian Niall Ferguson. Low birthrates, abandonment of Christianity, and Muslim immigration—symbolized by an Islamic center at Oxford—look like they mean the end of Europe. Not even a silly dig at the “Neanderthal right” does much to change the analysis.

Meanwhile, on other culture-and-politics fronts, the Ohio Democratic Party has honored itself by naming Jerry Springer Democrat of the year, Air America has decided they can appeal to their audience by selling thong underwear, and aspiring director Alexandra Kerry—the great man’s daughter—has decided she can appeal to hers by saving on cloth in other ways. Who says this isn’t the greatest country in the world?

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  1. Hey! She had panties on, at
    Hey! She had panties on, at least. Doesn’t his prove the Kerry-Heinz’ are moderates?


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