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I’ve written some things denouncing the “tyranny of liberalism,” and here at Turnabout we’ve had a number of entries describing how that tendency is playing itself out in Canada. There’s a brief article at First Things worth reading as a summary of the latter point. A detail that reveals something about where things stand: the Canadian government recently asked their Supreme Court whether the the legislature was allowed to exempt clergy from the duty of solemnizing marriages between two men or two women.

It may not be a silly question. An appellate court in Canada just confirmed a $5,000 fine imposed by the Ontario Human Rights Commission on a printer who conscientiously objected to printing stationery for a homosexual advocacy organization, and in England Christians, including Anglican bishops, have been investigated by the police or even successfully prosecuted for saying homosexual conduct is bad.

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  1. Fr. Raymond deSouza often
    Fr. Raymond deSouza often writes for the National Post, though I see its website doesn’t currently have anything by him. (See He is proof that it’s still possible for a Canadian to be sane. Another fine Catholic columnist who appears in the Post from time to time is Ian Hunter, prof. emeritus of U of Ottawa Law School.

  2. Here’s some more news on
    Here’s some more news on Canada:

    Of course, the homeschoolers in B.C. can still teach their kids what they please – for now anyway – if they will divorce themselves fully from the public teat, receiving no tax-funding whatsoever, and paying the entire cost of educating their kids themselves.

    Ceasar or Christ? The battle lines are being drawn, once again; the divisions sharper and clearer than ever…


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