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John Dewey

John Dewey (1859-1952) remains an extremely influential thinker whose thought sums up important trends in American life. Many oppose his thought and the trends it favors. He wrote a huge amount (his collected works run to 37 volumes) and frequently expressed himself unclearly or outright contradicted himself. Perhaps as a consequence, too many criticisms of Dewey are uninformed. There are good grounds for criticizing him, however, and the purpose of this page is to help people do so. I turned up the materials in the course of working on my own critical analysis of Dewey’s philosophy, and thought it might help others to make them available on the web.

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Here are resources critical of Dewey and his philosophy:


Religious perspectives

Progressive perspectives

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  1. Naming Dewey’s Philosophy of Education
    I would like to suggest, that the progressive philosophy of education which follows from Dewey, be called Progressive Retardation. Perhaps others have already used this term, but they should be on the defensive and having to explain themselves, rather than being allowed to just define themselves by some positive-sounding term, with no indication of what is progressing, nor in which direction it is to progress. John S Bolton

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