The mother of all reductios

In a multicultural society, common sense gets abolished because it’s a matter of settled inarticulate understandings (a.k.a. “deeply rooted social stereotypes”). Bureaucrats must therefore run everything in accordance with their own form of rationality. There’s nothing to keep the society’s fundamental logic from getting carried to completion, so that’s what happens.

For example: in principle, “inclusiveness” ought to mean that no organization taking part in public life can stand for anything other than the principle of inclusiveness itself. Otherwise it would exclude those whose views differ from those of the organization, contrary to what is now considered a basic point of social morality. An academic institution has finally held as much: the UNC-Wilmington College Republicans have been banned from campus because they wanted to discriminate on grounds of political affiliation.

2 thoughts on “The mother of all reductios”

  1. This appears insane, and is.
    This appears insane, and is. Nevertheless, university administrations will find a way to make it work – from their point of view. They will apply a presumption of inclusiveness in favor of all Leftist or libertine associations, as well as those that claim to represent an oppressed minority, while applying a presumption of impermissible exclusivess against any association with a more conservative or traditional point of view.

    The practical result will be that the college Republicans will be forced to admit Democrats, while the college Democrats will not be required to admit Republicans. Similarly, the college Newman society will be forbidden to exclude pro-abortionists and non-Catholics of any sort, while Hillel will come under no pressure to admit non-Jews and whatever the campus Moslems call themselves will not be compelled to admit non-Moslems.

    It is totally unprincipled and dishonest. However, as you and Auster have pointed out, liberals are dishonest and it is only by making unprincipled exceptions to their own idiotic principles that they survive. HRS


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