The shining reality of the EU

How things are in the kinder, gentler, more humane societies of Europe, where they know how to do things: the oldsters are dying alone in France, because the younger generation is off at the beach and can’t be bothered, while in England (where it’s mostly too cold for the beach) they’re dying in hospitals because of socialized medicine.

The European welfare state replaces ordinary human ties, which are unequal, irrational, oppressive and no fun, with an administered society intended to guarantee equal professional-standard results for everyone. It can’t work, because life can’t be organized to that degree. What it can do, though, is to degrade human connections because we can all presume that we don’t need each other for anything serious. The degradation of human connections is the abolition of the possibility of a tolerable way of life. In the coming years we will watch the implications of the change work themselves out.

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