EU invasions on land and sea

The imperialism of the new sexual righteousness: European Parliament Says Athos Monks Must End 1000-Year Male-Only Tradition, and Dutch abortion ship invades Poland. Mount Athos has been the center of Orthodox monasticism for more than a thousand years, and part of their discipline has always been the exclusion of women. The European Parliament finds it intolerable that any place anywhere fall short of feminist orthodoxy, so they’re demanding that the Greek government straighten the monks out. And when a much-hyped visit of a Dutch ship offering abortion cruises to Polish women was greeted by protestors throwing eggs and red paint, the European press called the protestors “angry,” “fierce,” “irate,” “outraged,” “abusive,” “insulting,” “ultra-conservative” and “reactionary.” Tolerance, as we all know, only goes one way.

[Update: for a generally sensible discussion and analysis of the Athos situation, see Trespassers on the Holy Mountain.]

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  1. I come from Netherlands and
    I come from Netherlands and I find it such a shame what our country is busy with.
    This ship crew are murderers and in a normal state they would sit in prison. I could also say much about EU bureacrats if I were not a lady:)
    Keep on a good job on your page, it is much needed. Not everybody in Europe is a liberal

  2. Holland is not just
    Holland is not just sanctioning baby-murder but murder in the form of euthanasia as well. Dutch doctors may put elderly people and seriously-ill patients to death if these are depressed and starting to imagine death as the solution to what really is depression (something the depressed often do, of course). In this country they’d get reassurance, and treatment for their depression if indicated. There they can be put to death with few or no questions asked by the authorities, apparently.

  3. In Holland the baby murder
    In Holland the baby murder is sanctioned till the 4 months of pregnancy, in USA till the child is born.


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