Daycare cares

There are some good comments on daycare at the Touchstone magazine blog that were touched off by a Rich Lowry comment on a new book. It’s an issue that should get more attention. The goal of modern public life is the abolition of the social function of every social institution other than bureaucracy and the market. Daycare is an important part of reaching that goal. It tells us that economics trumps family life, and that has to raise some issues.

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  1. Not one adult who puts his
    Not one adult who puts his children in day care would have wanted that for himself when he was a child.

    I thought this was a great statement. I tend to think daycare is one of the greater crimes of our lifetime. It is really sad that it is legal. We live in a generation that has decided per capita GDP, whether it be of the family or country, is more important than basic human needs. Any society that treats human beings (even their own children) as material things who have no emotional needs is destined for butchery and slaughter (probably by the children who were treated that way).


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